Makindu Vocational Program


Music from "Nana's Song" Hans Johnson, from the Awake album

released 2020, courtesy Royalty Music

The Makindu Advanced Training College funded by the Makindu Vocational Program opened in January 2018. The college serves students ages 18-25. Many students drop out of High School due to the fact that they have academic challenges or are not interested in pursuing further academics studies. This often results in students who get in trouble with the law, resort to prostitution, or who are unable to support themselves. Makindu Children’s Centre currently serves orphans and vulnerable children and provides educational support, medical care, nutrition, psychosocial support, shelter care and advocacy. Secondary education is frequently not affordable for many families, however they are often able to afford the tuition associated with vocational training. The Advanced Training College is an expansion of the Makindu Centre’s current program of educational outreach to provide adolescents the training necessary for them to secure employment following graduation.

1Makindu Vocational Program is a charitable non-profit organization (503C Tax ID #81-5189538) that is the U.S. based funding source for the building and operations of the Makindu Advanced Training College for adolescent girls and boys in Eastern Kenya.