Makindu Vocational Program


Timeline and Goal Achievement for the Advanced Training College  

There were 70 MATC graduates and over 800 attending the Graduation Ceremony November 2023





Some of the recent MATC graduates from November 2023. 


Fencing project under construction Sept 2023

Multipurpose Building gets a ceiling Sept 2023

MVP Annual Fundraising Event August 12, 2023

Visitors and MVP Board Members visit MATC June 2023 

September, 2022, beginning of construction of meeting hall/ classroom space/ teacher's office building.


New meeting hall/ classroom building nearing completion, Nov 2022

MVP Annual Fundraising Event August 27, 2022

For the year 2022: 152 students graduated from the combined programs


September 2021 there was a family meeting consisting of parents, students, and teachers.

August 2021 Dormitory Extension Completed


Graduation of 32 students on March 18, 2021

February, 2021- Construction of the Parent Waiting Bay area completed. It will allow us to accommodate 50 students as an additional classroom. Structure will also be used as a salon for community residents to have their hair cut and styled.

October-December, 2020- Students resumed program classes (second year students only)

MVP Annual Fundraising Event August 28, 2021

January, 2021- First year students were enrolled.

July-September, 2020  Covid 19 safety measures were implemented, equipment purchased and made functional.

June,2020-School was temporarily closed due to the coronavirus

December, 2019:  The dormitory was completed to accommodate 150 out-of-area students. 

All 26 girls graduated as part of the first graduation class of MATC.

November, 2019 – An auxillary building was constructed to provide additional classroom space, a meeting area for parents, as well as to practice beauty therapy on local customers. 

December 2018 - A multi-purpose room, consisting of 3 classrooms, dining area, showers, latrine, and clothes washing area were completed. A classroom was converted to accommodate students from outlying areas in Kenya. All students enrolled in the first year beauty therapy and dressmaking programs have passed all course competencies.

January 2018 - The Makindu Advanced Training College funded by the Makindu Vocational Program opened.

January 2018 - Goal was achieved for funding kitchen for Advanced Training College. Cost was $3,500.

March, 2017 – MVP Board was elected and first board meeting was held.

 July, 2017 – Construction on the building and latrine were completed.

October, 2017 - Initiated a GoFundMe Project to pay for the unanticipated cost of a kitchen

December, 2016 – Non-profit status of Makindu Vocational Program was awarded as a fundraising entity for the college. 

December, 2016 – The Kenyan board of directors at Makindu Children’s Centre approved the project.

June, 2016 – A business plan was written for the MCC board to review.

June, 2016 – Feasibility study was completed.


Makindu Vocational Program is a charitable non-profit organization (503C Tax ID #81-5189538) that is the U.S. based funding source for the building and operations of the Makindu Advanced Training College for adolescent girls and boys in Eastern Kenya.