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Makindu Vocational Program
PO box 41443
Eugene, OR 97404



A Win/Win Way to Donate

We would love for MVP to be in your will but we would rather have you around.  Some of our donors have created a win for MVP as well as a win for themselves.  Your probably know that when you turn 73 years old, you have to take a percentage out of your Individual Retirement Account (IRA).  This is called your Required Minimal Distribution (RMD).  When that money comes out of the retirement account and goes into your personal account, it is taxed according to your income bracket.  For example, if you are in the 30% bracket and you take out $3,000, you get approximately $2,000.  However, if you choose to donate the money, it goes from the IRA directly to the non-profit without being taxed.  Therefore, the non-profit (MVP) will get $3,000 as in the example above and you can claim the full $3,000 deduction.  How do you do it?

  1. Meet with your financial account manager or communicate directly to the company that manages your IRA.

  2. Tell that person/company that you want to use a portion or all of your RMD to go to a charity.

  3. Give the manager/company the 503C Tax ID for the charity.  MVP’s is 81-5189538

  4. The account manager/company will know that the money goes directly to the charity
    and is never in your personal account. 

It’s a Win/Win



Legacy Giving

Another wonderful way to provide long term support to MVP and help assure sustainability is to make it a part of your will or trust.  You can leave a certain amount or a percentage of your assets to Makindu Vocational Program.  You can make MVP a beneficiary by:

Meeting with the attorney who did your will or by contacting the institution who holds your assets and requesting a beneficiary designation form.

Include the following information:

Makindu Vocational Program
PO Box 41443
Eugene, Or  97404    

Use 102 Grizzly Avenue, Eugene, Or 97404 If you need a physical address.

Tax ID: 81-5189538   

If you have any questions for Marty, contact him at
Thank You for Advancing Knowledge and Transforming Lives




Makindu Vocational Program is a charitable non-profit organization (503C Tax ID #81-5189538) that is the U.S. based funding source for the building and operations of the Makindu Advanced Training College for adolescent girls and boys in Eastern Kenya.  Helping raise money for the training site and income generating store and salon on campus. Our goal is sustainability.