Makindu Vocational Program


 Tom Mwanzia

Tom Mwanzia is currently the director of the Makindu Children’s Centre. He has worked tirelessly as an advocate for  adolescents attending this program.  In addition, he has spearheaded decision making related to the Makindu Advanced Training College. Tom has excellent networking skills and his communication skills are outstanding. He is a true leader.


 Dorcus Mutokaa:

Dorcus has over 15 years’ experience teaching tailoring and dress making, as well as in advertising and management. She holds a certificate in Garment making grade II. Her passion is in imparting skills and good models to the youth.


 Jacinta Kamene

Jacinta is the Hair Dressing and Beauty Therapy instructor. She has over seven years’ experience in the field, and holds a Diploma in Hair Dressing and Beauty Therapy. Her passion is working with the underprivileged.

 Caroline Ndoti

Caroline is the committed Matron at Makindu Advanced Training College. She has a wealth of experience in guidance and counseling, and in mentoring girls in various areas including in responsible sexual behavior, as well as general behavioral skills. Her dream is to see MATC boost the socio- economic situation of the Makindu community and its environs.

Jemima Mbithe
Jemimah is the Assistant teacher in the Hair Dressing and Beauty Therapy department. She is a graduate from MATC. She was always top in her class, and excelled in her certification examination. She is strong believer in youth empowerment. She is passionate and dedicated.

Miriam Mwongeli
Miriam has over 10 years’ experience teaching Tailoring and Dress Making. She has always wanted to work at MATC since the values in the college resonate with her philosophy in
life – giving back to the community. She is very committed in her work.

 John Mwongela

John is the Cook at MATC. He is a dedicated, jovial man, with many years of experience cooking in schools and hotels. The children love his timely, tasty meals.


Maggy is a committed young lady, who works as an assistant cook. She has a great passion in cooking, and loves working at MATC and mentoring the students. Her wish is to see MATC grow and help many students.



Makindu Vocational Program is a charitable non-profit organization (503C Tax ID #81-5189538) that is the U.S. based funding source for the building and operations of the Makindu Advanced Training College for adolescent girls and boys in Eastern Kenya.