Makindu Vocational Program



Dear Donors and Supporters of MVP,

As the new year begins, I want to thank you for opening your hearts in 2023 to support Makindu Advanced Training College. 

 We are very excited to share with you the fact that we (the MVP and MATC Boards) have achieved our program and financial goals for 2023 thanks to your generous, giving spirit.

  Together we have provided solar power for the entire campus, electric motors for all of the sewing machines, fenced the campus, completed the ceiling construction for the recently built assembly/classroom building, purchased hair dryers, mannequins, and fabric. You, as donors, have also contributed to food support and. provided 16 new scholarships.

  As a result of your generosity, we have provided the necessary infrastructure (buildings, equipment and supplies) for full enrollment. We are now- ready to take a new direction in supporting the ability of the college (MATC) to ultimately sustain itself. 

  The current primary barrier to sustainability is the famine and drought in Kenya, which is the worst in forty years. Many girls’ families paid a portion of tuition at the inception of the school year and have been unable to continue payment due to their parents’ loss of employment associated with the drought. We have paid national certification fees and unpaid tuition for six girls who would otherwise have dropped out of the program.

  Please join us as we initiate a sustainability project by building an additional structure on the campus (measuring 40’x26’) which will consist of 2 shops.  These shops will provide the first of the necessary income generating activities towards sustainability, including a hairstyling salon and fabric arts/alterations/clothing store in which locals as well as visitors, can purchase items and services.

  I am inviting you to participate in this project by making a donation to help us reach our goal of $17, 100. We have already raised over $5,000 through holiday donations. (This estimate does not include the several commercial sewing machines and salon equipment which will need to be purchased following the completion of the building) Not only will these shops generate additional income, but also will provide supervised opportunities for students to have real business experience, preceding their practicums in various other Kenyan businesses.

  Please help us to promote MATC sustainability by contributing now. Thank you so much for your continued support of the college. Together, as the Makindu family, we will continue to empower young men and women to become the best they can be.

Jan Johnson, Executive Director of MVP



A Letter from Tom Mwanzia, MATC Director

What a year this has been! It was wonderful to witness over 70 students graduating in November, 2023, after their two year comprehensive training – the climax of their hard work, dedication and hope. And as they join the job market as employers and employees, we feel honored to have partnered with such selfless donors like you, who have enabled the dreams of these young students to transform into reality.

The MATC Board of Directors enthusiastically endorses the concept of sustainability. We are exploring various options, including grant writing and corporate sponsorship in collaboration with the MVP Board of Directors. More importantly, the Kenyan based college Board of Directors unanimously agreed to have a salon and a tailoring/dress making shop set up at the MATC campus.

The salon and store would serve the Makindu community for a fee, and act as an income generation/sustainability initiative for the college. The items made by the students will be sold both locally and at US stores focusing on the sales of Kenyan fabric arts. It will also be a community bonding experience, as residents of Makindu come for hair dressing and beauty therapy services, as well as sewing/tailoring services from the students.

The stores will introduce the students to a business environment, where they will be able to interact with clients and practice business management skills- vital skills that they will utilize after their training. We appeal for your support to enable us to construct the building which will be divided to accommodate each program’s services.

Despite the challenges, especially with the high poverty rate within our area of operation, we look into the future with hope and optimism. Many thanks for your continued support, as our college evolves. Wishing you a new year full of love and joy!

Tom Mwanzia MATC Director



Many changes are being made to provide a Covid-safe environment for returning students. Your donations will help us to ensure the safety and well being of future classes. Thank you!

Jan Johnson, MVP Executive Director


1Makindu Vocational Program is a charitable non-profit organization (503C Tax ID #81-5189538) that is the U.S. based funding source for the building and operations of the Makindu Advanced Training College for adolescent girls and boys in Eastern Kenya.